WHIP is an acronym for work history integrated planner. It has been developed in-house by BuCC and BRC.
Currently Trade Services and Water & Wastewater Operations & Maintenance are the only sections using the system.
It is used to manage customer requests and work handling.


  • Allows users to record, assign and close out work requests.
  • A report generating function that lets users analyse the data.

Improvement Options

  • It is in need of some development work to improve the selection options for improved reporting.


  • It supports the use of the Civica CRM system. CRM requests that require actioning in the field are entered into the WHIP system. A job card is then printed with a reference to the CRM no. and relevant details from the CRM notice.

Future Plan

During a meeting on 09.11.10 between the Manager of Assets, Group Manager of Water & Wastewater, Manager of Water & Wastewater Operations, Manager of Water & Wastewater Reticulation, Reticulation Co-ordinator and Electrical Mechanical Maintenance Planner it was decided to overhaul the existing WHIP as the catch all work handling system to continue to compliment the CRM and provide improved reporting. We will also continue to progress the assetic software as it has other desirable functions such as improved flexibility in reporting, task cost capture and linkage to assets in a common system. The Manager of Water & Wastewater Reticulation has taken on the task of driving this improvement project.

If BRC is unable to support the future development of WHIP internally, it may be possible to contribute the source code to an open source asset management system being developed in South Australia. This would allow for the system to be developed further without burdening Councils IT resources.

The Manager of Assets has taken on the project of developing a wiki based manual for the WHIP software.

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