Visual Inspection of Sealed Roads

A Technical Officer in the Roads & Drainage Section does an annual Visual Inspection of Sealed Roads to fine tune the annual resealing program. Roads are given a score between 1 and 5 on the following basis.

Score Criteria
1 The surface is in near perfect condition. This road does not require a reseal at this point in time. Don’t Reseal.
2 The surface is starting to show signs of wear, e.g. minor pavement distortion, isolated cracking and/or isolated pot holes. Ideal time to Reseal.
3 Seal is not performing, ongoing pothole repairs, slight pavement distortion. Essential to patch out potholes and any edge defects. However pavement will suffice with just a reseal. Ideal time to Reseal.
4 Pavement is failing, failures in isolated areas, distorting to wheel ruts & shoving, seal is not performing and shows signs of continuous repairs. Resurfacing is essential however pavement repairs are required before any resurfacing work can be carried out. Major pavement repair work has to be carried out before Reseal can occur.
5 Pavement is not performing. Large areas have to be repaired. A good time to consider a full reconstruction of the failed sections or the entire road. Do Not Seal.
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