Trade Services Sewerage Maintenance

Trade Services Sewerage Maintenance -

  • Reactive Maintenance originates with Treatment Plant operators and pump attendants reporting failures and impending failures to the Trade Services Administration support team.
  • The admin officer enters the Work Request into the WHIP work management software system categorising the task as either a mechanical (Fitters) or electrical (Electricians) job.
  • Leading Hands from each section check the tasks online first up of a morning and at regular intervals during the day and evaluate the jobs scope and urgency. Jobs are allocated to a work crew in the system. If job is urgent the crew is contacted by phone or radio and the details of the job passed on. If the job is not urgent the printed work tickets are handed out at morning tea, lunch or the start of the next day to the relevant crews. The WHIP is used to create the header on the work ticket with the body of the work ticket form being a standard format to capture the details of the work performed as well as the name plate details for updating the AMMS register. A risk assessment form is also printed on the reverse of the work ticket for use by the tradesman prior to commencement of work.
  • The work is undertaken and recorded for recording history against the asset
  • The work sheet is returned and scrutinised by the relevant leading hand for completeness before being sent to the Supervisor.
  • Supervisor checks the need to record and makes a decision if work ticket proceeds to data entry
  • Data entry into AMMS and filing of paperwork into archives.
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