Sewer Pipe Condition Template

BRC currently uses the following 7 point condition scoring system when assessing sewer pipes.

Score Description Example
0 Brand new perfect condition A_Tokoko%20Part%202_3b.jpg
1 Very good condition A_Multiple%20Blockages%2014_68a.jpg
2 Good condition A_Multiple%20Blockages%2033_27a.jpg
3 Average condition A_Multiple%20Blockages%2013_29a.jpg
4 Below average condition A_Multiple%20Blockages%2031_37a.jpg
5 Poor Condition - should be replaced within 5 to 8 years depending on material type. A_Multiple_Blockages_3_26a.jpg
6 Sewer has failed. It is no longer serviceable and should not remain in service. A_Multiple%20Blockages%2013_132a.jpg
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