Road Renewal & Replacement

Road Renewal & Replacement - Council's Road Renewal Program will eventually be based on the estimated RULs of individual assets in Council's Asset Register, at this point in time however its development is more of an art than a science.

Renewal expenditure reinstates existing service potential, generally does not generate addition revenue, but may reduce future operating and maintenance expenditure if completed at the optimum time, e.g. resurfacing or resheeting a material part of a road network.

In 2012 Council will generate 1st Cut Renewal Programs from the Asset management system to inform the budget process for 2012/13. Council will base these estimates on the assets Remaining Useful Life’s (RULs) and replacement costs as recorded in the Council's Asset Register.

Council’s strategy is to develop a prioritised Capital Expenditure Program including (Renewals; Upgrades; and New) based on service levels, condition assessments, intervention levels, remaining useful life, and current service and maintenance levels.

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