Road Lengths

On 1 September 2011 BRC's Asset Register reported the following road lengths:

Surface Type Length
Asphalt 253.6 km
Concrete 2.4 km
Pavers 0.6 km
Sprayed Seal 1,613.6 km
None 1,123.0 km
Total 3,008.2 km
Road Type Length
Sealed 1,884.1 km
Unsealed 1,124.1 km
Total 3,008.2 km
Road Type Length
Formed 495.7 km
Gravel 621.5 km
Rural Sealed 1,288.9 km
Unformed 6.9 km
Urban Sealed 595.2 km
Total 3,008.2 km


  1. It is probable that the length of unformed roads is significantly under reported.
  2. The difference in the total length of sealed roads reported in the above tables is due to data anomalies which are currently being investigated.
  3. This equates to approximately 11.27 million sq.m of seal.
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