Road Data Quality Mitigation

Road Data Quality Mitigation - A number of actions are planned to improve the quality of road related data in Council's Asset Management System.

  • A list of roads with inconsistent data has been generated and discrepancies are being investigated.
  • It is planned to commence cleaning the footpath table in the 2010-2011 financial year.
  • It should be possible to gain more confidence in the useful life adopted for road pavements by ensuring that the next time data is collected (possibly in 3 to 5 years time) that the exactly the same information is collected. This will allow us to determine how SCI changes over time and should allow us to model a fairly accurate road pavement useful life.
  • Moving to a 10 or 100 point road condition assessment system will allow for more realistic WDRCs when condition scores are reset to the top of a range after a revaluation.
  • Publishing as much existing data about the road network both here and on the internal BRC Wiki, and encouraging the readers and users of the AMP/wiki to advise the Assets Section of any errors or inconsistencies.
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