Risk Management

Risk Management - Council recognises 4 levels of risk, low, medium, high and extreme. These risk associated with a given hazard is calculated in accordance with Council's Risk Management Policy using the following risk matrix.


All identified risks are recorded in Council's Risk Management System. The system contains a hazard register and a rectification action plan.

Council typically adopts one or more of the following risk handling options when risks are identified.

  • accepting risk;
  • reducing likelihood of event;
  • reducing the consequences of event;
  • transferring the risk;
  • sharing the risk;


Hosting the plan online and backing it up locally should ensure that the plan content is safe even in the case of a server failure.
Internet outages can restrict access to the live version of the plan from time to time, but the data itself should be very safe.
Backups of the plan are made regularly and stored in the directory: S:\Support Services\Assets\Asset Management Plans.

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