Renewal Programs

The generation of renewal programs is a very high priority for both the Assets Section and Council as a whole.

The Asset Section has committed to generating a number of renewal programs automatically from condition information in time for them to be included in the 2011-2012 Capital Works program.


  • Renewal programs can be generated using myPredictor (or Access) providing condition information is available & the relationship between condition and remaining useful life is known.
  • ACEAM/APV/Assetic have provided us with some default condition curves as part of the Asset Management System implementation, but the validity of the default curves for BRC conditions is unknown.
  • The accuracy of some of our existing condition information also needs to be assessed.
  • The sealed road pavement and building condition information is probably the most accurate we have, so the first renewal plans generated will be for these asset types.
  • The biggest challenge is gaining a GENUINE understanding of the relationship between condition and remaining useful life. Everything is "garbage in - garbage out" without that understanding.
  • In theory is should be possible to develop accurate asset lives & deterioration profiles by comparing two identical condition surveys taken a reasonable time apart, but the analysis of road data provided by another Council suggests that the deterioration profiles of some asset classes are so variable that the concept of "typical life" becomes almost meaningless.
  • The first "first cut" renewal program is planned to be generated in December 2010.

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