Painting is the process of applying a coat of paint to a building or structure. [1]

Painting of Council Buildings for the most part is programmed on a fairly ad-hoc basis.

Venues & Facilities are currently unable to schedule proactive inspections to assess the condition of painted surfaces due to resourcing issues. Inspections are carried out on an ad hoc basis if requested, but typically requests are received only after the condition of the paint work has deteriorated badly. The section has indicated that they would prefer to change over to a "time basis when a new building is handed over or if an existing building is repainted, then life expectancy timeframes would need to be set to determine when inspections should commence and then the ongoing condition monitored so that we intervene before it gets really bad."

The Environmental Services Section does schedule some painting, notably the decks at the riverside centre and the bargara streetscape, and timber CBD seats. The majority of painting is done on an ad hoc basis as it is identified. The section indicated that they would like to schedule all painting, and have suggested cycles of every 7 years for structures, and every 2 or 3 years for picnic tables.

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