Maintenance Service Levels for Roads

The table below lists Maintenance Service Levels for Roads.

Problem/Defect Intervention Level Remedy/Activity Response Time
Hazard Report N/A Condition Inspection/Temporary Signage Urgent - 24 hours, Non-Urgent - 1 week
Blocked Culvert Noticeable reduction in capacity Culvert Cleaning 3 months
Blocked Drain Noticeable reduction in capacity Drain Cleaning 3 months
Edge Break Seal width reduced by 500mm Bitumen Repairs 2 years
Edge Drop Off >100mm Shoulder Maintenance 1 months
Excessive Roadside Vegetation Operator judgment call Roadside Slashing/Herbicide Spraying When possible
Faded Roadmarkings more than 50% faded Line Marking 2 months
Shoulder Gravel Wash-away more than 1 cubic metre of shoulder lost Spot Gravel Repair 3 months
Missing or Damaged Sign Missing or unreadable Sign Replacement/Repair 1 week
Pothole >75mm depth and/or 200mm diameter Bitumen Repairs 1 month
Protruding Footpath Lip >5mm in otherwise smooth footpath Footpath Repair 3 months
Rough Gravel Surface Unable to travel comfortably at 80km/hr Patrol Grading 3 months
Rubbish on Road >10% reduction in traction Street Sweeping 1 month
Water ponding against kerb >5m of kerb affected Kerb & Channel Repair 12 months

NOTE: There will be cyclic reviews of these Service Levels by Roads Staff and updated as required in the Asset Management Plan.

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