Maintenance Service Levels for Buildings

Maintenance Service Levels for Buildings - At this point in time we are still brain storming possible failure modes and service level measures. The intervention levels & response times mentioned below are for discussion purposed only they have not been adopted. (In some cases the response times are intentionally lengthy)

Activity Make Safe Repair
Window Repairs 24 hours 2-4 weeks
Minor Roof Repairs ASAP ?
Termite Treatments ASAP 3 months
Air-Conditioner Repairs ASAP 5 days
Lift Repairs ASAP 12 months
Corrosion Treatments ASAP 3 months
Building Vandalism Repairs ASAP ?
Painting N/A 12 months
Building Ground Maintenance ASAP 1-3 months
Emergency Lighting Repairs ASAP 24 hours
Cold Room Repairs ASAP 24 hours - 1 month
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