Maintenance Activities & Expenditure

Maintenance Activities & Expenditure - The table below shows the amount that Council budgets for a range of road related maintenance activities.
Information about the various maintenance activities can be accessed by clicking the links in the table.
Future developments in the Asset Management systems should allow Council to extract annual maintenance program forecasts based on service levels, road condition and renewal programs.

Maintenance Activity 2010/2011 Projected Expenditure
Rural Vegetation Management $100,000
Footpath Maintenance $140,000
Streetscape Maintenance $720,000
Roadside Slashing $360,000
Roads Environment $2,360,000
Herbicide Spraying $320,000
Kerb & Channel Repairs $200,000
Road Shoulder Maintenance $800,000
Street Sweeping $450,000
Bitumen Repairs $900,000
Pavement Repairs $650,000
General Unsealed Road Maintenance $1,600,000
Spot Gravel Repairs $900,000
Culvert & Pipe Repairs & Maintenance $50,000
Timber Bridge Maintenance $70,000
Concrete Bridge Maintenance $10,000
Bridge Inspections $120,000
Traffic Control Device Maintenance $30,000
Signs & Guide Post Repairs & Replacements $320,000
Line Marking $150,000
Bus Shelter Repairs $20,000
Vandalism Repairs $30,000
Emergency Call Outs $50,000
Miscellaneous Road Maintenance $150,000
Supervision and Inspection $300,000
Off Road Pathway Inspections $10,000
Off Road Pathway Repairs $10,000
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