Job Request System

This was raised by Group Manager of Water and Wastewater as a need to aid in the tracking of customer requests. It is a requirement by legislation for the Water & wastewater section to report on their water and sewer services. The job request and work handling systems are key to reporting on many of the aspects of their business. e.g. Response times, number of complaints etc.

A high level decision was made to adopt the Civica Cunstomer Request Module (CRM) as the corporate software for staff to manage their customer requests. This system did not adequately support the assigning and linking to assets of the follow on tasks. It was decided in some sections that the WHIP software would continue to support their needs. The sections were Trade Services and Water & Wastewater Operations & Maintenance Section.
Administration Staff transfer the relevant information and the CRM number accross into the WHIP software for work management. The WHIP and CRM task is closed out together once the task is complete.

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