Gravity Sewer Inspection Program

BRC inspects its Gravity Sewer System using WinCan CCTV inspection and reporting software, in conjuction with a Seca Mini-Cam.

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The Gravity Sewer Inspection Program serves a number of purposes.

* Identification of maintenance works.
o Root Foaming
o Minor Patching
* Identification of renewal works
o Sewer Replacement Program
o Sewer Relining Program
* Determination of Remaining useful life (RUL) and likely failure modes of sewer assets for forward planning & depreciation purposes.


The responsibility for the Gravity Sewer Inspection Program is partially with Assets and partially with Water & Sewerage. The break up below is yet to be confirmed.

* Development of Maintenance Strategy - Bruce Goodall
* Setting of Intervention Levels - Bruce / Tom
* Development of Maintenance Program - Bruce Goodall
* CCTV Asset Inspections - Chris Fixter/Terry Dugdale
* CCTV Video Evaluations - Not Required if trained operator used.
* Storage & Analysis of Data - Assets/Bruce Goodall (Training Required)


The data collected so far is stored in the directory: "U:\ASSET MANAGEMENT\02 Sewerage\SEWERAGE NETWORK\WINCAN PROJECTS".

In addition to data collected by Council, Council receives CCTV data from subdividers upon completion of a subdivision. This data is currently being stored in the directory: "U:\ASSET MANAGEMENT\02 Sewerage\SEWERAGE NETWORK\CCTV SURVEYS_DONATED SEWERAGE RETICULATION ASSETS".

Sample Photos

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