Footpath Unit Rates

Footpath Unit Rates - The 2008 unit rates below were developed by ACEAM for the post-amalgamation revaluation and the 2012 rates were developed by the APV revaluation.

Component March 2008 Rate July 2012 Rate ~ Units
Asphalt $56.00 $56.33 sq.m
Sprayed Seal/ Bitumen Varies $47.20 sq.m
Concrete $74.60 $103.29 sq.m
Concrete Paving NA $104.51 sq.m
Brick Pavers $101.40 $104.51 sq.m
Gravel Varies $19.88 sq.m
Cracker Dust NA $15.28 sq.m
Pavers NA $104.51 sq.m
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