Footpath Condition

Footpath condition is measured on a 0 to 6 Scale

Score Description Example
0 Brand new footpath in perfect condition BRC-Footpath-Condition-0.jpg
1 Very good condition - no visible defects BRC-Footpath-Condition-1.jpg
2 Good condition - only very minor defects visible BRC-Footpath-Condition-2.jpg
3 Average condition - a number of defects are visible, but is still quite serviceable BRC-Footpath-Condition-3.jpg
4 Below average condition - quite a few obvious defects are visible BRC-Footpath-Condition-4.jpg
5 Poor Condition - significant percentage of footpath exhibiting severe cracking and other defects BRC-Footpath-Condition-5.jpg
6 Very very poor condition - totally unsuitable for pedestrian use BRC-Footpath-Condition-6.jpg

BRC's footpath network, is in pretty good condition, and most defective panels are replaced under maintenance before the segment as a whole deteriorates enough to trigger a renewal.

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