Estimate of Reliability - General

Estimate of Reliability - The majority of the figures used in BRC's Asset Management Plans are generated from Council's Assetic Asset Management System. The Assetic database was compiled from numerous databases and spreadsheets used by the former Councils of Bundaberg, Burnett, Isis & Kolan. The quality of the data available varied from Council to Council and asset class to asset class, and in some cases has been further degraded as a result of the aggregation process.

Council is in the early stages of developing and implementing long term management systems and as such expects the Long Term Asset Management Plan, incorporating this Asset Management Plan and associated expenditure programs, to change significantly over the next five years as these systems mature and better information becomes available.

It should be noted that Council has made significant advances in the reliability of the base data (quantity, location, condition and value) since amalgamation.

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