Energy - The availability or lack of availability of relatively cheap energy will have a huge impact on the cost of and need for infrastructure assets into the future.

Oil reserves are a finite resource, and transport systems will almost certainly become more and more dependent on synthetic fuels, bio-fuels and/or electrical power in the medium to long term.

If the cost of transport increases the cost of constructing infrastructure assets is likely to increase commensurately.

On the other hand, there are a couple of possible reasons that energy might actually become cheaper in the medium term which would drive construction costs down.

The amount of solar power being generated is increasing exponentially, and there are number of reasons to suspect the efficiency of solar power generation will improve markedly in the short to medium term.

Commercial fusion power is not expected to be available until at least 2040, but its impact if and when it does become a reality could be enormous, given that there is enough heavy hydrogen in the oceans to satisfy mankind's energy needs for millions of years.

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