Drainage Maintenance Activities

Drainage Maintenance Activities - Council performs a number of maintenance activities in relation to drainage assets, including:

There are eight drainage maintenance activities in BARS.

  • Maintain & repairs to culverts, pipes
  • Drainage Miscellaneous
  • Open Drains Concrete Repairs
  • Culvert Repairs
  • Catchpit Repairs
  • Manhole Repairs
  • Access Repairs
  • Aquifer Maintenance
  • Clean culverts pipe pits (mjr)
  • Drain Cleaning (Open Drains) - Bobcat, wheel barrow - cleaning schedule exists
  • Clean Culverts, Pipes & Pits - Major - known high risk sites checked prior to storm season. (List exists) - pits? - GPTs done on an irregular basis
  • Drain Repairs - from inspections shotcrete or stone pitching or concrete repairs
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