A culvert is a conduit used to enclose a flowing body of water. It may be used to allow water to pass underneath a road, railway, or embankment for example. Culverts can be made of many different materials; steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and concrete are the most common. Formerly, construction of stone culverts was common.

Bundaberg Regional Council is responsible for a large number of major & minor culverts, including those listed below;

Major Culverts

Avenue Street B1 Culvert
Barolin Street E1 Culvert
Barolin Street S1 Culvert
Boundary Street E1 Culvert
Bourbong Street O2 Culvert
Branyan Street S1 Culvert
Burrum Street S1 Culvert
Cane Railway B1 Culvert
Cross Street B1 Culvert
Enterprise Street S1 Culvert
Enterprise Street S2 Culvert
FE Walker Street A1 Culvert
FE Walker Street F1 Culvert
FE Walker Street F2 Culvert
Ford Street E1 Culvert
George Street S1 Culvert
Hunter Street E1 Culvert
Lamb Street E1 Culvert
Logging Creek Road Culvert
Maryborough Street E1 Culvert
Maryborough Street S1 Culvert
Pitt Street E1 Culvert
Production Street S1 Culvert
Scotland Street K1 Culvert
Targo Street E1 Culvert
Targo Street S1 Culvert
Theodore Street S1 Culvert
Walker Street E1 Culvert
Walker Street S1 Culvert
Water Street E1 Culvert
Whittred Street B1 Culvert
Wonbah Road Camp Creek Culvert
Pratts Road Culvert
Ferry Hills Road Culvert

Minor Culverts

Alexandra Street B1 Culvert
Ann Street K1 Culvert
Avoca Road P2 Culvert
Avoca Service Road P4 Culvert
Avoca Street O2 Culvert
Avoca Street P1 Culvert
Avoca Street P4 Culvert
Bargara Road B1 Culvert
Bargara Road X4 Culvert
Brand Street E1 Culvert
Branyan Drive M1 Culvert
Branyan Drive M5 Culvert
Branyan Drive N1 Culvert
Cummins Road M6 Culvert
De Gunst Street F1 Culvert
Duffy Street P4 Culvert
Duncraigen Street E1 Culvert
Eastgate Street K1 Culvert
Elliott Heads Road A1 Culvert
FE Walker Street A6 Culvert
Gahans Road X1 Culvert
Grange Street E1 Culvert
Hinkler Avenue W1 Culvert
Hume Street No.1 Culvert
Hume Street No.2 Culvert
Isis Highway M2 Culvert
Jocumsen Street F2 Culvert
Kepnock Road A1 Culvert
Kepnock Road F2 Culvert
Langbeckers Road Y2 Culvert
Maynard Street E2 Culvert
McKenzies Road T1 Culvert
McKenzies Road W1 Culvert
Mimnagh Street E1 Culvert
Moncrieff Street F1 Culvert
Norgrove Road M8 Culvert
Nott Street E1 Culvert
Olsen Street K1 Culvert
Patersons Road T11 Culvert
Patersons Road T1 Culvert
Patersons Road W1 Culvert
Production Street S4 Culvert
Queen Street T1 Culvert
Queen Street T6 Culvert
Queen Street W1 Culvert
Samuels Road M8 Culvert
Searle Street Y2 Culvert
Soblusky Street A1 Culvert
Steindl Street A1 Culvert
Telegraph Road A5 Culvert
Thomas Thomsen Drive Y2 Culvert
Walker Street O2 Culvert
Waterview Road W1 No.1 Culvert
Waterview Road W1 No.2 Culvert
Waterview Road W1 No.3 Culvert
Whittingtons Road W1 Culvert
Wonder Drive Y2 Culvert
Wynter Street E1 Culvert
Zielke Avenue X1 Culvert
Zielke Avenue X2 Culvert

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