Buildings & Structures Improvement Suggestions

Buildings & Structures Improvement Suggestions - Below are is a list of suggested improvements to this plan and to the management of buildings & structures in general.

  1. Need to review the average annual renewal cost for toilet blocks. (Environmental Services)
  2. Need to review the decision to classify playground equipment with a value of less than $10,000 as non-financial assets. (Environmental Services)
  3. Link from Asset Management System to a full property details including; trust land & purpose, Freehold, RP No, Lot No, etc. (Venues & Facilities)
  4. Link from Asset Management System to user details, current leases, permits, and agreements. (Venues & Facilities)
  5. Inclusion of information in the Asset Management System about who occupies or operates the facility and which Council Department is responsible for it. (Venues & Facilities)
  6. Links from the Asset Management System to aerial maps of the where the facility is and the boundary of the property it sits on. (Venues & Facilities)
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