Building Maintenance Practices

BRC's Building Maintenance Practices have been evolving slowly since the Regional Council was created in March 2008.

In theory there is a client-provider split in the responsibilities for building maintenance, but in practice there are still a number of grey areas.

The client side managers (Venues & Facilities, Community Care, Library Services, etc) are responsible for maintenance budgets. The Venues and Facilities section has one carpenter, who carries out some minor maintenance work, but in most cases the provider side managers (Trade Services & Building Projects) are responsible for scheduling and carrying out or contracting out any major maintenance works.

A lot of maintenance work is carried out by internal staff, but some maintenance is carried out by contractors, including all work on air-conditioners, and electrical work in the Childers and Gin Gin areas.

Maintenance inspections of Water & Wastewater buildings are scheduled using the AMMS. Water & Wastewater staff carry out the inspections, and enter the results back into the AMMS. The results of these inspections are used to identify maintenance work. Any works that are identified are passed onto either the Trade Services or Building Services section for action.

In the case of Administration buildings, and maintenance issues are reported directly to the Venues & Facilities section.

In the case of halls and other buildings used mainly by non-council staff, the need for maintenance is usually identified as a result of a follow up inspection in response to a user logging a complaint or service request through a Customer Service Officer and via the CRM. In the case of some Community Care Buildings complaints and service requests are channeled through a liaison officer.

The Trade Services Section schedules all of its programmed maintenance using the AMMS.

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