Asset Refurbishment Program

The Asset Refurbishment Program is a Maintenance Program in the AMMS.


The purpose of this program is to schedule the complete stripping and refurbishment of assets for which the condition can not be ascertained while the asset is in service. These items will also belong to the mechanical Condition Inspection Program but this inspection is conducted each year and evaluates the condition as much as possible by visual, touch and auditory means during operation or while it is assembled in its operating possition. The results of this annual inspection can be used to guide the timing of the longer interval refurbishments. The refurbishment intervals will be set in the AMMS and adjusted as necessary over time to provide the optimum cycle. It is envisiaged the timing of the scheduling would match the budgetry process for the following budget as most refurbishments are costly and require budgetry allowances.
[edit] Asset Examples

* Sedimentation Tanks
* Turbine Highlift Pumps
* Digesters
* Bore Hole Pumps
* Floating Aerators

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