Asset Management System Implementation Plan


The Assets Section has made a number of commitments that relate to the implementation of the Asset Management System.
1. To develop Asset Management Plans for all asset classes by December 2010. This is a State Government requirement.
2. To generate a number of first cut renewal programs (aiming for 5) by early 2011 (Operational Plan)
3. To use the Asset Management System to schedule at least one maintenance program by mid 2011. (Operational Plan)


How the system is implemented should take into account the needs of the various Departments

Water & Wastewater

Reports on indicators and operational needs?
Maintenance Scheduling? (WWW Programs)
First cut renewal programs?
Quantitative data? (Quantitative data needs to be included in the AMP, so may as well look it up there)
Works management and data capture
Operational failures linked to assets

Roads & Drainage

Venues & Facilities

Environmental Services

Tasks that need to be completed to make the Asset Management System fully functional.

1. Identify the required work activities required to match the reporting needs and to assist with running the business. (These should match the tasks required by authority?) Enter work activities into the system
2. Develop a resource list (employee /crew list) and enter into the system
3. Set up service levels? Is Brad working on this?
4. Populate the DegradationID field.
5. Identify the required defects, defect groups and Checklists to match the reporting requirements and enter them into system
6. Identify the required categorisations and naming for correct operational reporting
7. Process Manual Framework - Wayne E

Action List

1. Further develop the BRC Assetic Operations Manual - Asset Section

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