Asset Management Strategy

Vision, Goals and Objectives

Council's Vision (as stated in the Corporate Plan) is for the Bundaberg Region to be vibrant, progressive, connected and sustainable.
Its mission is "to connect, unite and inspire our communities, through open transparent effective leadership and efficient management practices."

Obviously the Council's Asset Management Vision & Mission should support the Corporate Vision & Mission.

Potential Strategies

  • Develop Asset Management Plans on a public wiki to:
    • facilitate the consistency of AMPs across the region by allowing the other members of the Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group to view and provide feedback about the AMPs while they are being developed.
    • allow interested parties such as auditors, state government agencies and other Councils outside the region to view the Asset Management Plans as they are being developed, in the hope that they will provide feedback about the content of the plans so that they can be continually improved.
    • showcase the concept of Asset Management Plans as live hyper-linked and instantly useful documents.
  • Share information with other Councils to reduce duplication of effort.
  • Make as much use as possible of open source software to reduce costs & prevent vendor lock in.
  • Record customers desired Asset Management outcomes, and incorporate them into Asset Management Plans.

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