Asset Condition

The collection of accurate asset condition data is a high priority for Council.


  • Asset condition data is currently being collected on a rather adhoc basis
  • Our current condition assessment practices are being documented in Asset Management Plans. (See below)
  • Electrical, mechanical & some passive assets are inspected on a regular basis via the AMMS.
  • Roads, Bridges and Buildings have been assessed since amalgamation.
  • Open drains are being assessed on a regular basis.
  • ACEAM assigned condition scores to other infrastructure asset types post amalgamation based on information contained in an array of pre-existing data sources and other evidence obtained from a series of workshops.
  • Water mains are theoretically assessed when any work is being carried out on them.
  • Need to confirm responsibilities for carrying out and budgeting for condition inspections.
  • Footpaths condition should be reassessed soon.

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