The AMMS is an in-house developed Asset Maintenance Management System. It has been developed using Linux, PHP & PostgreSQL


The AMMS is used to:

  • schedule maintenance works & inspections.
  • record when & what maintenance works have been carried out.
  • record the condition of equipment.
  • record physical information about equipment (make, model, size, material, etc.)

It also serves as the the official repository for asset and facility names.


The asset & facility names stored in the AMMS are used by a number of other systems, including:

AMMS Expansion

The AMMS software had been populated with the majority of the former Bundaberg City assets prior to amalgamation. Following amagamation a decision was made to roll out the system to include all BRC assets and components that require tracking and maintaining. Approx 95% of all Water & Waswater assets are listed and approx 75% of these are componentised. Trade Services have developed a new schedule to extend the time interval between inspections and the new schedules are currently being progressively updated as they become due. This will allow for increased service coverage to include the complete BRC water & wastewater assets.

AMMS Improvement Plan

The current plan is to continue to improve the AMMS to suit the maintenance practices of council with a long term view that Assetic would be developed to provide the functionality required to replace AMMS. One issue to be addressed for this to happen is the current use of the AMMS asset tree for registering plans in the BRC plans register.

Support Services Admin AMMS Improvement Suggestions

  1. Can a test cycle period for each switchboard be printed out on the Scheduled Activity Reports for the Safety Switch Performance Test Program? This is to save me time in repetitively putting the cycle on each sheet when they fall due. This test cycle period will identify for the maintenance electrician the next due date when carrying out the testing.
  2. When programs are modified within components, there is currently no ability to modify the cycle. The existing program needs to be removed and a new one put in its place.
  3. The AMMS system needs some ability to flag new items entered so that appropriate program scheduling can be added.
  4. When Scheduled Activity Sheets are printed out can a date be incorporated along with the week number on the sheets? This is a prompt to the maintenance crews when the maintenance was due.
  5. The rolling schedule for routine maintenance, being mindful of the fixed date visitations to sites such as pools, show grounds etc.

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