Queensland Councils are required to have Asset Management Plans in place for all Asset Classes by the end of 2010.

This site has been set up to;
a) host Bundaberg Regional Council's Asset Management Plans while they are being developed.
b) facilitate the consistency of AMPs across the region by allowing the other members of the Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group to view and provide feedback about the AMPs while they are being developed.
c) allow interested parties such as auditors, state government agencies and other Councils outside the region to view the Asset Management Plans as they are being developed, in the hope that they will provide feedback about the content of the plans so that they can be continually improved.
d) showcase the concept of Asset Management Plans as live hyper-linked and instantly useful documents.

Asset Management Plans

There are six asset management plans covering all of the asset classes mentioned in A-MAP. It is planned to progressively add to the plans, and slowly convert them from basic plans to advances ones.

Buildings-and-Structures.jpg drainage.jpg Parks-and-Recreation.jpg
roads-and-transport-services.jpg Sewerage-Infrastructure.jpg Water-Infrastructure.jpg

Comments & Suggestions

Comments and suggestions from ratepayers or other interested parties are very welcome. To make a comment about anything in any of the plans simply click on the grey discuss button at the bottom of any page. Community input about service levels is especially welcome, as this will help us understand the community's priorities.

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